Private landlords


You must make sure a property meets a minimum physical standard. Rented property must legally meet the Repairing Standard before it is let and at all times during the tenancy. 

Guidance for private landlords

You must also tell your tenants who to contact to report a repair.

Regular property inspections are advisable. You must always give your tenants notice that you intend to visit. You should never let yourself or tradespeople into a property except in an emergency.

When extensive repairs are being carried out you should accommodate tenants elsewhere, agree a rent free period or end the tenancy.

Adapting privately rented property

Private renting tenants have a legal right to carry out work to adapt their home to meet the needs of a disabled occupant. This right is subject to the landlord's consent, but cannot be withheld without good reason. Advice is available from the Equality and Human Rights Commission.


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