Help with housing when leaving hospital

You may need rehousing if:

  • You feel your house is no longer suitable for your physical needs or for mental health reasons
  • Your Occupational Therapist has recommended your home is no longer suitable
  • Rehousing has been recommended to help you manage your longer term needs more easily.

We can give you advice on your different options and can help you fill in any housing forms or online applications. Contact us below.

Every effort will be made to find an option so that you can go back home whilst you are waiting for a move. If you no longer have inpatient hospital needs, but your hospital stay is lengthy because of your housing situation, you may be moved to another facility or a temporary property whilst you wait. For example, a short term let in sheltered housing. You will be encouraged to widen your options so that you can move on from hospital without more delay

If you refuse an offer but it meets your needs, we look at how reasonable the offer is. You generally get 2 reasonable offers, if you refuse them you will get no more offers for at least 6 months. Homeless applicants get 1 offer so they can move into settled housing and out of homelessness as quick as possible.

Demand for housing in some areas (e.g. Inverness) is very high. To maximise your opportunities, and increase your chances of being housed somewhere you want, expand your selection of communities, property types and providers.

If you're a home owner or private renter, you can explore options to make your existing property suitable with help from our Scheme of Assistance (get your landlord’s permission first).

Information and advice

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