The Inverness West Link

The Inverness West Link (Stage 1) is now open
(see photos of the opening)

Stage 1 involved the building of a new bridge over the River Ness and work to reconfigure Canal Parks resulting in the modern facilities now available to Highland Rugby Club at the stunning new Can Parks Pavilion. The facility is managed for us by High Life Highland and is available for use by the community. Caley Thistle football club are already making use of the facility for training.

Stage 2 of the West Link project will provide an additional swing bridge over the canal which will mean fewer delays which result from the bridge opening to allow canal traffic to pass. The two bridges will work in tandem to ensure that one route is always available to road traffic.

This additional link requires land currently used by Torvean Golf Club and work to construct a new course to the North of the A82 and West of General Booth Road. A new clubhouse is to be built on the new course. The golf course relocation is due for completion in April 2019 and the road and bridge designs are well advanced to ensure that work can start on construction of Stage 2, as soon as the new course is playable.

For up-to-date information read our press releases or visit our Community Liaison Group page.

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