Agendas, reports and minutes

Nairnshire Committee

Date: Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Agenda: Read the Agenda

A meeting of the Nairnshire Committee will take place remotely on Wednesday 15 September 2021 at 10.30 am.

You are invited to attend the meeting and a note of the business to be considered is attached.

Yours faithfully

Stewart Fraser
Head of Corporate Governance


1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declarations of Interest
Foillseachaidhean Com-pàirt

Members are asked to consider whether they have an interest to declare in relation to any item on the agenda for this meeting.  Any Member making a declaration of interest should indicate whether it is a financial or non-financial interest and include some information on the nature of the interest.  Advice may be sought from officers prior to the meeting taking place.

3. Police Scotland Area Performance Report
Poileas Alba Geàrr-chunntas Dèanadais Sgìreil

There is circulated Report No NC/14/21 dated 31 August 2021 by the Area Inspector, Police Scotland.

The Committee is invited to note the progress made against the objectives set within the Highland Local Policing Plan 2020-23, Year 1, attached as Annex A to the report, for the period covering 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021.

4. Nairn Common Good Fund: Proposal to Dispose of Sandown Lands for Development – Update and Additional Engagement Proposal 
Maoin Math Coitcheann Inbhir Narann: Moladh Faighinn Cuidhteas Fearann Sandown Airson Leasachadh – Fios às ùr agus co-chomhairle a bharrachd

There will follow Joint Report No NC/15/21 by the Executive Chief Officer Communities and Place and Executive Chief Officer Resources and Finance.    
5. Place Based Investment Fund – Proposals for Investment
Tasgadh Stèidhichte air Àite - Molaidhean airson Tasgadh

There is circulated Report No NC/16/21  dated 31 August 2021 by the Executive Chief Officer Communities and Place.

The Committee is invited to:-

i.   Consider and agree the proposed allocation of Place Based Investment Funds as follows: 
 a.Direct funding award to Green Hive to support the development of the Seaman’s Hall Community Hub Project-£25,000;
 b.Towards play area provision-£10,000;
ii.  Consider and agree the proposed sums to be ringfenced for the following areas of work:
 a. Towards the development of accessibility projects within the ward led by the Nairn Access Panel - £10,000;
 b. Towards projects to improve health and wellbeing outcomes, to be led by the Community Partnership - £5,000; and
iii. Note that work is underway to explore allocating the remaining funding to the development of motorhome infrastructure and to support the development of Town Centre projects and that proposals will be brought for consideration to a future meeting of the Committee.

6. Housing Performance Report – 1 April 2021 to 30 June 2021
Aithisg Coileanaidh Taigheadais – 1 Giblean 2021 gu 30 Ògmhios 2021

There is circulated Report NC/17/21 dated 30 August 2021 by the Executive Chief Officer Housing and Property.

The Committee is invited to consider the information provided on housing performance for the period 1 April 2021 to 30 June 2021.

7. Winter Maintenance Plan 2021/22
Obair-glèidhidh Geamhraidh 2021/22

There is circulated Report No NC/18/21 dated 2 September 2021 by the Executive Chief Officer Infrastructure, Environment and Economy.

The Committee is asked to approve the Winter Maintenance Plan for Nairnshire in reference to the Briefing Note (Appendix A).

8. Nairn Common Good Fund – Quarter 1 2021/22 Monitoring Report    
Maoin Math Coitcheann Inbhir Narann – Aithisg Sgrùdaidh Cairteil 1 2021/22

There is circulated Joint Report No NC/19/21 dated 25 August 2021 by the Executive Chief Officer Communities and Place and Executive Chief Officer Resources and Finance. 

The Committee is invited to:-

i.   Scrutinise and note the position of the Nairn Common Good Fund as shown in the Quarter 1 Revenue Monitoring Statement against Budget for 2021/22;
ii.  Agree to homologate spend within Quarter 1 undertaken in respect of:-
 a. Urgent necessary repairs and interventions due to health and safety concerns and/or to prevent further degradation to Nairn Common Good Fund property; 
 b. Granting a waiver of the usual fee for the use of the Nairn Links by the Funfair for the period 9 – 21 August 2021 only; and
iii. Agree to defer commissioning further non-essential refurbishment work to the Harbour Street Toilet Block, pending an additional assessment on the viability and justification of reinstating the building as a public convenience. With a report to be taken to the first scheduled meeting of the Committee in 2022.


There are circulated for noting Minutes of Meeting of the Nairnshire Committee held on 23 June 2021 which will be approved by the Council on 9 September 2021.