Skye Gaelic Primary Teachers collect national innovation award

Photo by Daily Record: Award Host Cathy MacDonald, Mairi MacDonald, Ryno Morrison Bòrd na Gàidhlig, Gwen Culbertson, Torcuil Chrichton, Westminster Editor Daily Record

Leugh sa Ghàidhlig

An online Gaelic Education resource site for Primary School Teachers “Lasadh” has received the award for Innovation in Education at the prestigious Gaelic Awards held in Glasgow on 15 November.

Lasadh is the creation of two Highland Council Gaelic Medium Primary School Teachers, Mairi MacDonald and Gwen Culbertson who teach at Bun-sgoil Shlèite on the Isle of Skye.

Councillor Alister Mackinnon, Chair of The Highland Council’s Corporate Resources Committee and Chair of the Gaelic Strategy and Implementation Group congratulated Mairi and Gwen, he said: “This award for Innovation in Education for Lasadh is a fantastic achievement by Mairi and Gwen who have worked tirelessly over a number of years to develop the web resource for Primary School Teachers. Their dedication to furthering Gaelic Medium Education strongly reflects and supports Highland Council’s Programme commitment to the Gaelic language and I commend them on their creativity and perseverance.”

Lasadh is primarily a literacy resource website for Gaelic Medium practitioners It was developed in partnership with Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig following a shared desire to develop high quality educational resources for use across Gaelic Medium schools, nationally.

Reflecting on the award, Mairi MacDonald said: "We are thrilled to receive this award that recognises how important and innovative Lasadh is to Gaelic Medium Education."

Gwen Culbertson added: "We are very grateful to Stòrlann and Highland Council for their support and partnership. We are looking forward to what further development lies ahead.”

The Scottish Gaelic Awards which were held in Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow are part of a drive to celebrate all aspects of Scottish culture and were sponsored by Bòrd na Gàidhlig. The Awards spotlight all aspects of Gaelic culture, education and language, highlighting the excellent work undertaken to maintain growth and heritage. 

21 Nov 2017
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