Gaelic Learning in Thurso

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A Gaelic Class has started up in Thurso, which is specifically aimed for the parents of Gaelic Medium children in both pre-school and primary provision. The class, which is fully funded by The Highland Council, will continue until the end of the school term and commence again at the beginning of September. 

As part of the class programme the parents and their children participated in a Gaelic family learning event where they had the opportunity to practice informally and develop their linguistic skills.

Ms Laura MacKay, Chairperson of Cròileagan Inbhir Theòrsa and a Gaelic Medium Parent said: “We are delighted the children have had such a great start in their Gaelic Medium education and as parents we are encouraged by their daily usage of the language and how confident they are in using the language.”


23 Jun 2014
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