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The Highland Council Gaelic Team was invited to participate in a pilot National Adult Achievement Awards Scheme which New-battle Abbey College developed in partnership with Education Scotland SCQF.

The Awards are based on the Youth Achievement Award model and offered at SCQF levels 3, 4 and 6, the Gaelic students participated in the level 3. They are portfolio-based and can reflect learning in a wide range of contacts. The pilot programme is cross-sectoral and they included Gaelic learners. The awards were launched by Cabinet Secretary, Angela Constance MSP in May 2015.

Workshops took place with an HM Inspector from Education Scotland who were present and filmed the students. The student portfolios were evaluated by New-battle Abbey College, 3 students from Inverness area and 6 students from Skye who all passed the Adult Achievement Awards (Gaelic) in December.

The Gaelic Team supported the 9 students and organised a presentation event which took place at a venue in Inverness on March 19th, each student was presented with a certificate to recognise their excellence in their learning achievement.

The students were presented with their Certificates by Councillor Hamish Fraser Chair of the Gaelic Implementation Group, who said, “I am delighted to be presenting the students with their Adult Achievement Award Certificates as this recognises a milestone in their Gaelic Learning Journey.” He continued, “The Gaelic Team organise Gaelic Learning Classes in specific areas within the Highland Council which are supported by Bòrd na Gàidhlig; the adult learners attended the classes and the Adult Achievement Awards recognises their success in their language learning journey, I am proud of what they have achieved”.

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23 Mar 2016
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