​Review of proposals to improve accommodation at Strontian Primary School

The Highland Council has published a revised Final Consultation Report into its proposal to improve the accommodation at Strontian Primary School.

The report recommends the re-location of the Primary School to a new build on land close to Ardnamurchan High School, with that re-location based on the community proposal to own, fund and develop the facility, and that then being occupied by the Council for the provision of schooling for the Strontian Primary catchment.

The original consultation on the proposal took place in 2014 and attracted a range of responses from parents, pupils and local residents.

The Final Consultation Report is due to be submitted to the Education, Children and Adult Services Committee on 25 August 2016.

Between now and 24 August 2016, members of the public are invited to provide comments which will be tabled at the Education, Children and Adult Services Committee meeting. This will allow Elected Members to take into account any further representations in relation to the recommendations contained within the Consultation Report before agreeing a decision.

The Final Report and associated papers can be found on the Council’s website.

Paper copies are also available for inspection at Ardnamurchan Library.

3 Aug 2016
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