Statutory Guidance on Gaelic Education Warmly Welcomed

Issued by Bord na Gaidhlig -  Leugh sa Ghàidhlig

The Statutory Guidance for Gaelic Education was launched last week in the Highland Council’s chamber following a meeting of the Council’s own Gaelic Implementation Group.

Following the meeting, Councillor Hamish Fraser had this to say about the Guidance.

“We warmly welcome the publishing of the Statutory Guidance on Gaelic Education, especially as Highland Council is one of the lead Local Authority providers of Gaelic Education in Scotland, we were delighted to have the opportunity to play a vital role in the consultation and the formulation of the Strategic Guidance. 

The Statutory Guidance aims to explain the different elements that constitute Gaelic education in Scotland and to establish a focussed consistent approach, a clear vision, and expectation of what Gaelic medium education is, and how it should be delivered across all Local Authorities. 

It will also give the education authorities guidance and build on the elements of best practice that have been, and currently are, being delivered by education authorities such as the Highland Council and previous authorities over the last 30 years. 

He continued, “The Statutory Guidance, also, and very importantly will support and outline the details for parents and guardians should they wish to proceed with submissions of requests to education authorities in order to assess Gaelic Medium Primary Education. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Core Group of specialists who had the vision and the expertise to take this forward they consisted of representatives from Bòrd na Gàidhlig, the Scottish Government, Education Scotland, COSLA, Highland Council and Glasgow City Council as I believe today, we have reached a very important milestone in relation to Gaelic Education.” 

For more information on the Statutory Guidance on Gaelic Education please visit Bòrd na Gàidhlig’s website:


6 Feb 2017
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