Our budget

Budget 2024 to 2025

Setting our budget

We asked fo your feedback on budget suggestions and how these might impact on you and your community. The Council Budget was agreed at its meeting on 29 February 2024.

Budget engagement for 2024/25

Our budget engagement for 2024/25 was themed in line with the approved Council Programme, “Our Future Highland”.

The Highland Council has a net budget of £712 million which we use to provide many essential services across a region covering a third of Scotland.

Highland Council Budget Challenge

A summary of the Council's Budget Challenge engagement with communities and staff.

How the Council Revenue Budget is spent

If budgets were 100GBP


Highland is a great place to live, work and do business. It's home to 238,000 people and welcomes millions of visitors each year.

How do we spend our budget 2023-24


We know we will have less money in the future and we want to focus our resources on key priorities.

Council tax; income from fees and charges; and use of balances contribute to our budget, but the biggest part is grant funding from Scottish Government.

Where our money comes from


As a result of increasing costs and inflation, we expect our budget to decrease further in the next three years.

Our options are to reduce our costs, to increase our income, or a mixture of both.

A decreasing budget


Although our budget has greatly reduced over the past few years we’re still continuing to invest in some really big projects, and work with partners to boost the economy and create jobs.  We plan to invest £343 million over the next 5 years in capital projects such as schools, infrastructure and housing.

Our Capital Budget 2023-24