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The traditional downloadable spreadsheet reporting monthly completions is also available

Housing Land Audit 2020

This audit provides information on the available housing land supply to meet aspirations for the delivery of new homes up to 2035 using a base date of 1 June 2020. The audit allows us:

  • To monitor the availability of effective sites
  • To identify progress of sites through the planning process
  • To provide analysis on house completions

It details all sites allocated for housing in Local Development Plans throughout the Highland Council area, as well as "windfall" sites (sites of 4 or more houses which have received planning permission for housing).

For each site, information on permissions and completions has been collected and brought together with likely build rate of development on each site.

Contributions for the audit were requested and received from developers, housing associations/trusts and landowners. These comments were considered along with council officers views and the resultant likely programming for each site is contained in the Housing Land Audit 2020.

 Detail on sites and their programming over year 2020/21 to 2034/35 is accessible either through the storymap or interactive map.

The information in this Housing Land Audit 2020 is aligned with the annual School Roll Forecasts and supports the relevant Delivery Programmes.

View the Housing Land Audit 2020 Storymap

View the 2020 interactive map

The 2019 Housing Land Audit is still available for reference.

2019 Housing Land Audit - Storymap 

2019 Housing Land Audit - Interactive Map