Pre-application advice

Get advice and information on your development proposal before you submit a planning application.

Pre-application advice

We also offer pre-application advice for large scale applications, see our definition of a major development.

Advice for major developments

Developer contributions

Anyone planning to develop in Highland may need to make a financial payment towards service and infrastructure provision, known as developer contributions. Before submitting a planning application likely developer contribution costs should be calculated by the developer using our developer contributions guidance and through the Pre-Application Advice Service.

Developer contribution costs should be budgeted for when buying land for development and working out project costs. In most instances, single houses will receive an 80 per cent discount with the total financial payment varying from zero up to around £3,000 per house.

Planning pre-application advice and street engineering review

We are currently trialling a new process for giving early and detailed feedback on the road layout to help align planning applications with the requirements for Road Construction Consent. This pilot is open to both Major and other large housing developments. If you would like to find out more about participating in this pilot, please contact

Street naming

If you are submitting a planning application for a new housing or retail development which requires the creation of a new street, you will need to submit a street naming request – If you get planning approval, you should submit the request as soon as possible after that.  Further details of how to submit this request can be found on our Street names and house numbers page.


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