Home modifications and equipment

Adapting your home if you are a council tenant

To be assessed for an adaptation in your home, contact your local social care team below.

An occupational therapist will visit you and carry out an assessment of your home. In some cases, depending on what you have asked for, you may be able to fill out a self assessment form instead of having the assessment done by the occupational therapist.

Self assessment

This is done by giving you a form to fill out with details about what you need and why. Some minor adaptations are available in this way. If you meet certain criteria based on the information on your form, you will be put forward for an adaptation to your home without the need for a visit by an occupational therapist. Your local social work office will advice you of the criteria you should meet to be considered for this and send you a self assessment form.

Once they have received your form and your request for a minor adaptation has been accepted, your case will be referred to housing services to carry out the work.

Disabled access showers

You may qualify for a level access shower installation on your ground floor without the need for a full assessment.

If you feel you would like to be considered for this, complete our self assessment form for a level access shower and send it to your local Housing office.

Fast track system

In some areas of Highland there is also a fast track system in place for level access showers and also for a change of heating system. You need to meet certain criteria in order to be considered for this.

Your local social care team will advise you if fast track is available in your area and if you meet the criteria to be considered for this. You will be sent a self assessment form to fill out and if you meet the criteria, your adaptation request can be referred to housing services to carry out the work without the need for a visit from an occupational therapist.

Self-assessment and fast track does not necessarily mean that you receive your adaptation more quickly. However it can speed up the assessment process because you don’t have to wait to see an occupational therapist.

Waiting list

There may be a waiting list to see an occupational therapist and to get your home adapted. You will be given guidance on how long you may have to wait once you have asked for an assessment. 

Once an assessment has been carried out, there may also be a wait for any adaptation works to be done. There is a limited budget for adaptations work to be carried out and how long you have to wait will depend on the priority you have been given and the budget available.

Charges for service

If you are a council tenant, we will carry out the work for you free of charge. 

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