Home modifications and equipment

Adapting your home if if you are a housing association tenant

Your landlord may have their own arrangements in place to deal with adaptations to your home so you should discuss your options with them in the first instance.

In order to be considered for an adaptation to your home you can request an assessment by contacting your local Social care team or your housing association landlord.

An assessment will then be carried out by an occupational therapist and a referral will be made to your landlord, explaining what is required and asking them to make the necessary arrangements.   

Fast track

There is a fast track system in place for level access showers and also for a change of heating system. Your local social work office will advise you if fast track is available.

Waiting list

There may be a waiting list to see an occupational therapist, you will be told how long you may have to wait once you have asked for an assessment. 

Once an assessment has been carried out, you should discuss any further details and waiting times with your landlord if you are a Housing Association tenant, or with Housing Services if you are applying for funding for your adaptation. 


You should discuss this with your landlord. 


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