Home modifications and equipment

Adapting your home if you are an owner, occupier or private tenant

We provide assistance to homeowners and private tenants to modify their homes for disabled access. 

Highland Health and Social Care Partnership or NHS Occupational Therapy Practitioners make assessments for equipment and adaptations.

Help with small adaptations

The Handyperson service helps disabled residents and residents over 65 to make simple changes to their home.

Help organising larger adaptations

Care and repair services can help people over the age of 65 and people with disabilities or injuries, who live in privately owned or rented housing to organise home improvements.

Financial assistance

We can help improve safety and access inside or outside the building, such as stair lifts or level access showers.

Certain works, such as level access showers or changing a heating system from solid fuel for mobility reasons, can be processed without assessment by care and repair services if you are eligible .

Once assessed, we can offer 80 per cent or more of the cost of works.

If you receive Income Support or the Guarantee Element of Pension Credit you do not need to pay for the adaptations.

We do not normally fund works over £20,000. If your property needs more works than this, we will look at other options including looking at other housing options.


If you need to be assessed you should contact your local Highland Health and Social Care Partnership or occupational therapy practitioner.

Once they have visited you and made their recommendations, they will refer you to Care and Repair if your home needs to be adapted. Care and Repair will then help you find a contractor and manage the works. They can also make your application for financial assistance.

Assistance with adaptations to your home leaflet


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