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Equal opportunities

We are committed to making sure you will not receive any less favourable treatment because of sex, marital or family status, age, ethnic origin, disability, race, colour, nationality, religion, or any other non job related factor. 

Guaranteed interviews

As part of our commitment to equal opportunities, we guarantee to interview any disabled applicant who matches all the essential attributes required of the job.

We have been awarded the Positive About Disabled People “Two Ticks” symbol in recognition of our commitments to ensure that disabled people are supported by employers and treated fairly at every stage of their selection and employment.

We will take action on the following commitments:

  • To guarantee an interview to all applicants with a disability - provided they meet the minimum qualifying criteria for the particular vacancy and to consider them on their abilities
  • To consult with disabled employees on an annual basis, to ensure they can develop and use their abilities at work
  • To make every effort when employees become disabled to retain them in employment
  • To improve knowledge, to ensure that key employees develop the awareness of disability required to make the above commitments work effectively
  • To review these commitments annually to check what has been achieved, plan ways to improve and to advise employees about progress and future plans
  • To provide on request, a large print, audio tape, Braille, computer disk, or suitable language version of an application form

In order for you to benefit from our commitments you should indicate that you have a disability under the relevant section of the application form and let us know if you have any special requirements for interview. If the post you are applying for requires extensive travelling and you do not have a driving licence you should have access to personal transport in order to fulfil this requirement.

Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland offers advice and information. 

We also have been awarded the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award.


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