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Disposal of animal carcasses

Animal welfare enquiry

The Animal By-Products (Enforcement) (Scotland) Regulations 2013 controls the processing and disposal of animal by-products and processed animal by-products.

Controlled products include animal carcasses, parts of animal carcasses (including blood) and products of animal origin which are not intended for human consumption but exclude wild animal carcasses.

Permitted disposal routes are:

  • Rendering incineration
  • Burial, open burning (only allowed within areas designated as remote) 
  • Other Scottish Government and DEFRA approved means of disposal, if appropriate 
Any burial site must be so that it is not likely to affect any watercourse, field drain or groundwater and should comply with the code of practice: prevention of environmental pollution from agricultural activity.

To prevent pollution of water any proposal to bury carcasses should first be discussed with the local SEPA office.

Burying dead pets 

Dead pet animals may still be buried. Pet animals are defined as "any animal belonging to species normally nourished and kept, but not consumed, by humans for purposes other than farming".

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