Emergency planning

The Highland Council is a member of the Highlands and Islands Local Resilience Partnership (HILRP) . 

Our Resilience Team

The Resilience team is part of the Communications and Resilience Office. The team works closely with partners in other agencies and is responsible for emergency planning, promoting business continuity and community resilience, recovery guidance, training and exercising.

Our duties

  • Risk assessment 
  • Maintaining emergency plans
  • Promoting business continuity
    Plan for how you would  manage the risks of disruption to your business or any emergencies at Ready Scotland
    Read our guidance on dealing with cyber attacks
  • Communicating with the Public
  • Sharing information with and cooperating with partners

We are also responsible for planning for the off-site effects of a major accident occurring at one of several large industrial sites in Highland.

This involves us working with other public, private and voluntary agencies, in particular the Police, Fire, Ambulance, Health services, SEPA and British Red Cross.

Counter terrorism and cyber security

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Helping communities

We provide:

  • Advice and guidance on the preparation of community emergency plans
  • Reception centres and transportation for people evacuated from their homes
  • Advice and guidance during an emergency incident and afterwards in the recovery period
  • Community Resilience Plans - Flooding
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