Flood alleviation schemes

Golspie Coast Flood Protection Study

We are currently developing a Flood Protection Study for Golspie with support from consultants AECOM.

The aim is to determine the level of risk from coastal flooding, taking into account future conditions (allowing for Climate Change). Then to identify measures that could be depolyed to alleviate this risk.

We performed detailed hydraulic modelling of the flood mechanisms that occur on the river, and a number of potential measures are now under considersation. These results were presented to the community in Golspie through a Public Exhibition held on 31 January 2019.

Feedback from the public, landowners, residents and businesses is a vital component of the flood study as it will help us determine which possible measures is preffered.

Public exhibition from 31 January 2019 at the Golspie Community Centre

Feedback forms and all other enquiries should be sent to frm@highland.gov.uk

A Public meeting was held on 10th December 2019 where the proposed preferred option for a flood scheme was presented by the Council and their consultant Aecom.