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Payment card

What is a payment card?

It is like a bank or debit card. It will be loaded by The Highland Council to the amount agreed for the direct payment budget either every 4 weeks or as a one-off payment for the year. Payments can also be added to the card from other sources.

It works as a debit card and has a user account like a bank account. The card can be used in person, bank transfers, BACS, Direct Debit or Standing Orders, over the internet or by phone. Each card has a PIN and the PIN can be changed at any cash machine. There is no contactless facility.

It is not a credit card and only the amount on the card can be spent. It cannot be used to withdraw cash.

Who are these cards for?

All people in receipt of Direct Payments in Highland. The Responsible Person for the Direct Payment, will be asked to sign an Agreement Form. Their name, address and date of birth will be sent to EML Payments Limited who are the payment card providers. EML will send the card to the Responsible Person with clear and simple instructions on what to do next.

Why change to a Payment Card?

As the number of people using Direct Payments increase, a better, more efficient monitoring system is needed. The payment card removes the need for the submission of quarterly monitoring paperwork. This will also reduce the processing time. 

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