Public transport in Highland

Community Transport

Community transport refers to a range of transportation services that are provided by or for local communities, typically in areas where regular public transport options are limited.

It aims to address the transportation needs of people who may face difficulties accessing conventional public transport, such as:

  • the elderly
  • disabled individuals
  • those with low income
  • people living in rural or remote areas

The primary goal is to improve social inclusion, access to essential services, and ensure that individuals who may face transportation barriers can still participate in community life and maintain their independence.

Initiatives and projects led by Community Transport groups within in the Highlands give communities direct involvement in solutions which meet their transport needs.

Our Transport Co-Ordination Unit team looks to encourage and support these initiatives with the Community Transport grant fund. Invitations are currently open for the April 2024 to March 2027 period, with a deadline for submission of 22 September 2023. 

Learn more and apply for a Community Transport Grant


Community transport groups we support

Further information on community groups can be found by contacting the Community Transport Association or by selecting the relevant area on the Community Transport Association Map.

Starting your own community group

We are accepting new grant applications for starting in April 2024 and further information will be available on Community Transport Grants.