Isle of Skye airfield

Lookout duties

We are following national guidance regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. At present we have decided to keep our airstrips open in case they are required for emergency deliveries but this is an evolving situation which may change.  We would ask all users of our airstrips to adhere to site notices and follow National Guidance for health, travel and safe practice to limit the spread of the infection.

It is important to remember the protocol that aircraft wishing to land have absolute priority over any other activity.

The lookout must:

  • Assume the responsibility of clearing the runway and allowing any aircraft to safely land
  • Make sure the organiser knows what to do following the repeated sound of the lookout vehicle's horn or whistle
  • Be aware of what is happening during any event or planned activity
  • Be conscious of any unauthorised activity which can occur as a result of an event such as trespassing
  • Contact the Portree office on 0147861 2727 to see if any planes are due during an event
  • Make sure the lookout vehicle has both main headlamps and amber beacons in operation at all times whilst on the runway and before any operations commence
  • Check the runway for damage and clear debris after each period of operation
  • Make sure the aerodrome gates are locked when you leave

If a fixed wing aircraft wishes to land, it will indicate by flying the runway and circling several times within eyesight. Indicate that you have seen the aircraft, and then clear the runway and park the lookout vehicle on the access road well back from the runway.

Emergency helicopters will normally land in the yellow zone which must be kept clear at all times.

An aircraft wishing to take off

An aircraft wishing to take off during operations should ask the lookout for permission to depart. The lookout will then make sure the runway is cleared, that all other operations have ceased and the runway is free from any debris. The lookout will tell the pilot that it is now clear for take-off.

Portree office contacts:

Anne Beaton
Phone 0147861 2727 during office hours or 0789 9063728 for after hours emergencies.

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