Highland-wide Local Development Plan

The Highland-wide Local Development Plan (HwLDP) is our vision for the whole area (excluding the area covered by the Cairngorms National Park which has its own plan) and sets out how land can be used by developers for the next 20 years. The HwLDP should be read alongside National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4), the Area Local Development Plans and our A-Z of development guidance.

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Plan review

We started the process of reviewing the HwLDP with a Main Issues Report consultation in 2016. In December 2017 The Scottish Government published a Planning Bill outlining potential changes to the Scottish planning system. We decided to halt the HwLDP Review until more was known about the changes. The Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 was subsequently made. Further details of new arrangements in the Act for Development Plans are emerging, together with arrangements for transition to them. Scottish Government has prepared, adopted and published NPF4. For the first time, the NPF is part of the Development Plan. This will likely lead to a reduction in the number and range of policies that we require in our Local Development Plan. We contributed into the preparation of NPF4. This means that we now expect to take forward review of the HwLDP under the new arrangements for Local Development Plans, with formal work anticipated to start in spring 2023.

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Based on an initial review of all the comments received on the Main Issues Report, an interim position on the issues raised was agreed by the 17 August 2016 Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee. This interim position informed amongst other things our submissions to National Planning Framework 4 and will inform the future stages of the HwLDP review.

Background Documents

Other background documents which relate to the application of HwLDP policies and form evidence for the plan's review include:

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