Caithness and Sutherland Local Development Plan

Caithness and Sutherland Local Development PlanThe Caithness and Sutherland Local Development Plan (CaSPlan) sets out our vision and development strategy for the area over the next 20 years.

Adoption of Plan

On 31 August 2018 CaSPlan was formally adopted by the Council and constituted as part of the Development Plan.  It has replaced the Caithness Local Plan and Sutherland Local Plan and will be used to guide decisions on planning applications.  The adopted version of CaSPlan is available below:

Read the Adopted CaSPlan

Read the Public Notice that announced the publication of the Adopted Plan.

Implementing CaSPlan

As CaSPlan has been adopted the focus is now on implementing the Plan.  The Caithness and Sutherland Delivery Programme sets out the infrastructure and development required to support the implementation of the Plan's vision, spatial strategy, policies and proposals.  Its purpose is to provide information for identifying, monitoring and implementing the actions for delivering future growth in the area.  It will be used to help identify which infrastructure projects will be subject to developer contributions requirements and as a tool for coordinating investment in development and infrastructure. 

We will continue to work with partners and relevant stakeholders to review and where appropriate amend the Delivery Programme as infrastructure is delivered, opportunities for new development are presented and as pressures change over time.  

Caithness and Sutherland Town Centre Strategy

The Caithness and Sutherland Town Centre Strategy aims to support the delivery of CaSPlan by outlining a number of potential actions that may be undertaken to improve the vitality and amenity of the main town centres in the area: Brora, Dornoch, Golspie, Thurso and Wick. The Strategy was adopted as Supplementary Guidance in October 2020.  

An associated Action Programme, outlining steps that may be taken by a range of individuals and bodies to improve their town centres, has been drawn together by officers in consultation with Ward Members and the parties mentioned in it.

CaSPlan Preparation Timeline

  • August to October 2013 - Call for Sites and Ideas
  • October 2014 to February 2015 - Publish  and consult on Main Issues Report
  • March to April 2015 - Additional Sites and Issues Consultation
  • January to March 2016 - Publish and consult on the Proposed Plan
  • 30 September to 11 November 2016 - Publish and consult on a Modified Plan
  • 6 April 2017 - Submit Modified Plan to Scottish Ministers for Examination
  • 11 April 2018 - Examination Report received
  • 28 June 2018 - Council approved Intention To Adopt CaSPlan
  • 31 August 2018 - CaSPlan adopted

The  Council's Statement of Conformity with Participation Statement summarises the publicity and constulation undertaken on CaSPlan and provides links to additional information.

The Background Documents page provides information on previous stages in the preparation of CaSPlan together with a series of background assessments and analysis.  Read about the process of preparing a Development Plan on the Scottish Government's website.