Street naming and numbering, and property addresses

We are responsible for

  • the naming of new streets
  • numbering of properties
  • registering a new or existing address
  • renaming and renumbering of existing properties when required

We allocate all aspects of an address within our boundary, except the postcode. Royal Mail is responsible for allocating postcodes, and we will liaise with them when postcodes are required for new properties and developments. You can check an address on the Royal Mail postcode finder. Royal Mail will only update their database upon receiving notification of an address from us.

Service fees (from 1 April 2024)

There is a charge for this service which is reviewed annually with any fee increase taking effect from 1 April each year.

Addressing services - street naming and house names or numbers


Naming of new street or flatted development


Register a new address (Number of properties per application)

Sliding Scale

1 property


2 to 5 properties


6 to 10 properties


11 to 25 properties


26 to 50 properties


51 to 100 properties


101 to 150 properties


151 or more properties


Change of house name


Change of street name or flatted development


Advert fee (renaming)

Price on request

Admin fee for re-numbering a new development which has already completed street naming and numbering (this is after the initial SNN has been confirmed)