Street names and house numbers


Amend or change a house name

If your property is already registered with Royal Mail please contact the Corporate Address Gazetteer (CAG) team.

We will check your proposed house name or number to make sure there is no duplication within the surrounding area. Your address will then be updated on our Corporate Address Gazetteer. We notify Royal Mail, Ordnance survey, the emergency services, Assessors and Electoral Registration Office of the change in house name.

The charge for this service is £40 per property.

Amend or change a house name

Register a new address

If your address is not currently registered on Royal Mail’s database you may want to officially register your address. Please submit your proposals for naming and numbering within 1 month of receipt of your Building Warrant Approval. This makes sure postcodes and addresses are allocated well in advance of the occupation of a property.

We will check your proposed house name or number to make sure there is no duplication within the surrounding area. Your address will be updated on The Highland Council’s Corporate Address Gazetteer. Notifications of the change to your address are sent to Royal Mail, Ordnance survey and the emergency services.

The charge to register an address for a single property is £100.

Register a new address

Register a new address for a residential, commercial or industrial development - Street naming and numbering 

Please submit a site plan of the development with your naming proposals, if any, for street or block names along with the completed application form.  Applicable fees are calculated for you by the online form below but you can also consult our full list of fees prior to completing it.  You may also find the guidance notes useful.

If street and or block names are required, your proposals will be considered by the appropriate Community Council and elected members.  When a decision has been made, the agreed names will be recorded by Royal Mail as the official postal address.

We recommend an application to register a new street name is submitted as soon as Planning Permission has been granted.  To make sure the street name is determined as quickly as possible please include a proposed street name on your application form.

The applicable charge for this service relates to the number of properties being registered per application, as per the sliding scale below plus £195 per street.  If a new street is required, we will be in touch once the online form has been submitted.

  • 1 property - £100
  • 2 - 5 properties - £125
  • 6 - 10 properties - £150
  • 11 - 25 properties - £175
  • 26 - 50 properties - £250
  • 51 - 100 properties - £400
  • 101 - 150 properties - £750
  • 151 - 200+ properties - £1000

Register new street names and numbers


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