Weighing and measuring equipment

Legal controls for weighing and measuring equipment

Trading Standards enforce regulations designed to make sure that goods sold by reference to quantity are accurate.

This is done by:

  • Verifying that weighing and measuring equipment is initially accurate
  • Checking weighing and measuring equipment used for trade
  • Checking products when they are being manufactured or imported
  • Checking products already in shops
  • Investigating complaints of short measure and weight

Examples of weighing and measuring equipment include scales, weights, petrol pumps, spirit measures in pubs, and wine and beer glasses. Prepacked goods can be checked at either the factory or where they are being offered for sale.

We investigate allegations of short measure and enforce law. We can also provide detailed advice to businesses.

Guidance on the legislation that governs the use of such equipment is available from the Office for Product Safety and Standards.

You can download the current Trading Standards fees and charges for testing and verifying weighing and measuring equipment etc.

An overview is also available from The European Weighing Industry

Contact us at trading.standards@highland.gov.uk