Parking permits

Parking Permits

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to limited access to Service Points at this time, in person visits are not available to discuss Parking Permits. Customers must use the Online Portal to apply or renew a permit. If a customer has no access to online services it is recommended that assistance be sought from family or friends to access the Online Portal. This is only temporary until such time as in person visits to Service Points are available.

Parking Permit Schemes

We issue parking permits for residents, visitors and businesses to allow parking in bays on roads subject to a Permit Scheme, close to their home or business, while excluding vehicles without permits.

You must apply online for any type of Parking Permit.

This scheme does not guarantee the availability of a parking space or a space outside your property. The permit only entitles you to park if space is available.

Permit schemes are currently in place in selected areas of Inverness, Fort William and Nairn.


All Permits are now subject to "Permit Zoning" - this allows you to use Permit Bays on any street in your zone.

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Before you start

You will need:

  • A scanned or photographed copy of your vehicle registration document (VR5) registered at your current address (not applicable if you are applying for a visitor's permit only).
  • Proof of residence such as Tenancy agreement, Mortgage agreement, Driving licence, House insurance document, Council tax bill dated current year.
  • Be familiar with all current terms and conditions.
  • If you experience any technical difficulties please email us with the details and a contact number to call you back:

Apply for a parking permit

If your application is refused, any payment will be cancelled or refunded. However, issued permits are non-refundable under normal circumstances.

You can also apply for Non Permit contract parking space in our Rose Street multi-storey car park in Inverness.

Change of vehicle

In future if you change your vehicle and still have a valid permit, please use the online process to amend your details.

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