Community asset transfer

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 aims to empower communities by giving them control over assets so they can work together to make better communities.

The Act moves asset transfer from a voluntary approach by public bodies to one which introduces a right for community bodies to make requests for ownership, lease, management or use of publicly owned buildings or land whether or not they are available for sale or considered surplus to requirements .

We have a responsibility to assess requests transparently against a specified list of criteria, and to agree the request unless there are reasonable grounds for refusal.

Map of all our properties

The category ‘non-operational’ refers to property which is held which is not used to deliver (directly or indirectly) a council service.

How to submit an asset request to us

We encourage groups to submit an initial transfer request expression of interest in order to understand your interest, direct you to appropriate supports and provide you with a contact for accessing any relevant information that you may need to submit a complete asset transfer formal application.

You can make your initial request online or using our paper form.

Validated Asset Transfer Requests are evaluated using an Assessment Framework.

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Concluded Requests

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