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Access to Deployment Portal

The Highland Council is working hard to return to business as usual, however to ensure the smooth running of Services there is still a need for some extra support from employees able to assist.

We are seeking staff who have capacity to undertake a deployment role.  This could be additional duties alongside your own substantive post; or on a full-time basis for a fixed period of time, for example, if you are shielded and your substantive post is not suitable for home working you may be able to be deployed into a temporary role that you can undertake at home.

The Workforce Deployment Team will work to ensure that any new role you undertake will not adversely impact your own substantive post, and we will always liaise between the Deployment Manager and your current Line Manager to ensure both parties are happy with the arrangement. As well as looking at your skills and attributes, posts will also be matched by pay grade. We aim for this to either to be the same as your own substantive post, one grade higher, or one grade lower than your current grade. If the post is at a higher grade than your substantive pay, you will receive the higher pay for the hours worked in the deployment role. If the post is at a lower grade than your substantive pay, you will continue to receive your own pay. If there is no set pay for a deployment role, you will retain your own pay.

Deployment roles are flexible, they work alongside your existing job role. If you can indicate on the application form the approximate number of hours that you could offer us each week that would be helpful, this can be full time or a specific number of hours/days a week. Some staff may have quieter periods in work where they could offer more hours to a deployment role or you may be able to free up some days for a short period.

We expect that requests for staff to be deployed will come in from Managers for short term cover (ie to cover a member of staff who is required to self-isolate etc) or it could be for longer term (for a specific project of piece of work that needs undertaken eg helplines etc).

Registering with the Workforce Deployment Portal will allow the Deployment Team to match your skills and attributes to job roles where you would be best suited to assist. This will allow you to develop transferrable skills and attributes that can add variety to your work experience and may assist you to consider alternative career paths with the Highland Council.

The Council are committed to increasing deployment opportunities available for their staff and it is one of their priorities to create an agile, flexible workforce.

Please check the table below to determine if you should register:

Which category of staff am I?

Should I Register?

1 – Staff who are unable to work because they are ill and off sick – They should not register.


2 - Staff who are currently away from the work place and are unable to come in due to shielding reasons.


3 – Staff who are key workers should remain delivering essential Services – Some examples of key workers within the council are staff working on Burials, Health and Social Care staff, Homeless prevention, Trades workers e.g. Plumbers, Joiners, Electricians, ICT.


4 – Staff that do not fall into any of the categories above, but have some capacity within their own role to take on an additional deployment role (eg one day a week etc).


Before registering, please ensure you confirm with your line manager and have checked your health status by following the national guidance on coronavirus (Covid-19). Although some roles may include delivering a front-line service to the community, the health and wellbeing of our staff will remain a priority.

How can I register?

You can register through an easy to complete application, access is provided via the links below. This is a simplified form asking for your contact details, skills, and your availability with some key questions to answer so you can be matched to a suitable role. Please discuss your application with your Line Manager before applying to seek their permission. 

Workforce Deployment Application Form

I am unsure about registering?

If you are able to register but would like some advice or assistance before doing so, then you can contact us at

What happens next?

After the submission of your application, you will be contacted if there is a suitable post that you could be deployed into. You will be given the full details and will be able to decide if you wish to proceed. If you do then the Team will discuss your availability with your Line Manager then pass your details onto the Line Manager for your deployment role. You should receive appropriate Induction and PPE (where necessary). An agreement will be put in place to ensure all parties are aware of the arrangements. 

While we are all working in different ways and different places, it must be remembered that there has been no relaxation in health and safety legislation and requirements. 

Check here for advice on the health and safety arrangements which should be in place.