Definition of a short term let

What is a short term let?

A short term let is defined in the Licensing Act as the use of residential accommodation provided by a host in the course of business to a guest, where all the following criteria are met-

  1. The guest does not use the accommodation as their only or principal home
  2. The short term let is entered into for commercial consideration
  3. The guest is not
    1.  An immediate family member of the host
    2. Sharing the accommodation with the host for the principal purpose of advancing the guest’s education as part of an arrangement made or approved by a school, college, or further or higher educational institution, or
    3. An owner or part owner of the accommodation
  4. The accommodation is not provided for the principal purpose of facilitating the provision of work or services by the guest to the host or to another member of the host’s household
  5. The accommodation is not excluded accommodation* (Licensing)
  6. The short term let does not constitute an excluded tenancy* (Licensing)