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Superseded Housing Land Audit 2010

Superseded Housing Land Audit 2010

We have a key role in making sure that there is an effective supply of land to meet housing requirements for at least 5 years at any one time. Our Housing Land Audit has been prepared to provide a comprehensive description of all current sites for housing within Highland at 31 December 2010.

The key findings of the audit are:

  • The responses received during the consultation period have been supplemented with professional assessments by local planning officers on the likely build rates on sites incorporated into the finalised audit
  • These programming figures to 2014 are perhaps more conservative than in previous audits, given concerns over the availability of finance across all housing sectors
  • Despite the slowdown in the delivery of new houses across Highland, the audit still illustrates sufficient land supply and programming to meet aspirations for the delivery of new homes up to 2021, and importantly will meet the requirements identified in the Highland Wide Local Development Plan (Proposed Plan) and the Housing Need and Demand Assessment that has been prepared to support that document.
  • Overall between 2007 and 2010 there has been a 32 per cent decrease in the number of new houses completed
  • We will continue to engage with Scottish Water and others to make sure that lack of infrastructure does not hold up housing and other developments

A Briefing Note has been prepared on the Housing Land Audit.

Detailed schedules of sites allocated for housing within Local Plans have been produced. These schedules are listed by Council Ward and contain site details, capacities, mapping, likely build rates of development on each site and identify constraints holding up development.

The schedules, along with a full description of the information contained within the schedules are available: