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Terms and conditions

Make a payment

All payments completed Monday to Thursday before 4.30pm will be credited to your council account overnight.

Payments completed after the 4.30pm deadline will credit your account after 4.30pm the next day.

Payments made between Friday 4.30pm and Sunday 4.30pm will be credited overnight for Monday.

From 1 April 2019 we are making 3 changes to the way we issue invoices

  • We won’t issue invoices for less than £12.50. 
    If you buy something from us that costs less than that we’ll ask you to pay by card, or if it’s a regular purchase we’ll ask you to set up a direct debit
  • We’ll charge you if you ask for an invoice when you could have paid another way
    Wherever possible, we’d ask that you pay by card. You can do this online, over the phone or in person through our Service Point network.   If it’s something that you pay for regularly then we can help you to set up a direct debit.   
    If we’ve offered you alternative methods of payment but you’ve decided not to use them and requested an invoice instead then we will apply a £15 surcharge to the transaction to cover the costs we incur when we administer and issue invoices. 
  • We’ll apply interest and fixed penalty to overdue commercial accounts
    Our customers get 30 days to pay invoices.   If you’re a business customer and receive an invoice on or after 1 April 2019. If you fail to pay us on time your account will now be subject to additional charges.  These charges include a fixed penalty - set by the Scottish Government - ranging from £40-£100 dependent on the amount you owe us. We will also apply interest to all overdue balances on business accounts; this interest is calculated daily and will continue to accrue until the outstanding balance is paid.