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Taking part in a petition means that a community, individuals or groups can be involved in what we do. When a petition is submitted to us, it is considered and debated by the full council or one of its strategic committees. This may result in us taking further action to address your concerns.

Petitions may be submitted by:

  • A group of people with at least 50 signatures from people living within Highland
  • A group of at least 10 local businesses, voluntary organisations or social enterprise companies with a business address in Highland

You can petition about:

  • Matters relating to our activities or responsibilities, including other organisations who deliver services on our behalf 
  • Matters relating to the interests and welfare of residents, voluntary organisations or businesses in our area

Before a petition is submitted you should consider raising your issue by:

  • Talking to your the local community council
  • Talking to your local Councillor, Member of Parliament or Member of the Scottish Parliament