Consultation on BT proposals to close public payphones across Highland

Final response to BT's 2019 Proposal

Final response by The Highland Council to BT's proposed removal of 110 payphones across the Highland region (2019).

Regulation set out by Ofcom, the independent regulator, states that local authorities have responsibility to coordinate consultation on proposals to remove public payphones. Following a two-phase public consultation, between 20 August 2019 and 24 October 2019, 163 responses were received. Based on this consultation feedback, the Council has objected to 55 payphones being removed, with a further 6 being adopted by the community.

The detailed response on each individual public payphone can be found in the final Report to Environment, Development and Infrastructure Committee from 7 November 2019

What happens next

Ofcom states that BT must not bring a proposed removal into effect following written objection to the proposal from the council.  This is known as the local veto. If BT disagree with any of the objections made by us, they will ask to formally review those objections with the local authority and Ofcom will consider the decision on proposed removal.