The Highland Council logo

How the logo should not be used

1. Individual elements of the logo design must never be omitted, for example the line underneath.

2. The logo should never be reproduced vertically or at an angle.


3. The logo must never be distorted – any reduction or enlargement should be equal so that the logo reproduces in proportion e.g. when re-sizing never squash or stretch the logo.


4. The lettering is part of the logo design and the fonts must not be changed in any way i.e. the font used or size of text.

5. The logo should never appear against a conflicting or busy background and should be kept clear of other graphic elements.


6. In order to ensure legibility, the logo should not be reproduced at less than 30mm wide and 15mm high.


7. In normal circumstances, on a white background, the logo must not be enclosed in a box or shape.

8. To ensure the quality of image reproduction, the logo must never be reproduced or scanned from previously printed material; or printed from a low resolution file.


9. Additional text must not be added to the logo, such as services, operational areas, council wards or website addresses.


10. Do not use the white logo on backgrounds that are too light or the black logo on backgrounds that are too dark.


11. The colour logo should not be placed on harsh colours that do not contrast well with the corporate colours.


12. Do not add embellishments like drop-shadows, embossing etc to the logo.

13. Do not colour the logo in any colour that isn’t the approved corporate colours, black or white. Do not use the service colours to recolour the logo.


14. In some requirements the map symbol may be used independently from the logo but it requires approval from the Corporate Communications Office, contact details below.


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