Council Tax - discounts for people

Other people not included on your bill

The initial Council Tax bill for a property assumes there are at least 2 residents aged 18 or over. A full charge for Council Tax, Water and Waste Water is then applied.

Certain people are not included ("disregarded") as occupiers for the purposes of calculating Council Tax and include the following:

  • 18 and 19 year olds at school or who have just left school
  • Members or dependants of visiting forces and some international institutions
  • Members of certain religious communities
  • People who are detained in prison or a hospital by a court order
  • People who are foreign language assistants

Second Adult Rebate

This reduction can be claimed if you do not get a single person discount because there are other adults living with you who are on a low income and can’t help with the bill. Read more about this rebate.

Apply for a discount