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Caol and Mallaig

All wards have a discretionary fund which is managed by the ward manager.

The Commando Memorial is located within the Lochaber area which covers Wards 11 and 21.

Lochaber is an area, which, over many years, has developed excellent partnership working - between agencies, voluntary groups and communities.

In Lochaber, community planning is highly developed, service delivery between partners is often seamless, and agency boundaries and traditions are less important than the quality of service that the public receives.

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This tradition continues despite changing organisational structures both within the agency and other sectors - the over-riding obligation always being service to the Lochaber communities. The Lochaber Partnership, Lochaber's community planning partnership, has consulted widely to produce a local development plan, which reflects the amazing breadth of voluntary, partnership and agency activity in the area today.  Each section of the plan is updated approximately every 18 months.

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