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Find out about how to become a secondary teacher (STEM subjects)

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Libraries and outdoor education

Libraries and outdoor education are provided by High Life Highland

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Highland pupils improve reading, writing, listening, talking and numeracy levels.

12 Dec 2018

The Highland Council’s Education Authority has considered the Scottish Government’s report on Achievement of Curriculum for Excellence Levels 2017/18 published this week.

Partnership provides possibilities to produce new teachers in STEM subjects

12 Dec 2018

Eight people from the Highlands will be inducted as student inductees this week (Wed 12 December) and could be teaching STEM subjects in Highland secondary schools by August 2020.

Melvich Primary School Reaps the Benefits of New Campus

11 Dec 2018

The Vice Chair of The Highland Council’s Care, Learning and Housing Committee has congratulated Melvich Primary School near Thurso on their inspection report by Education Scotland