Pre-school home teaching service

This service is part of Psychological Services in Highland. The team of Pre-School Home Visiting Teachers work alongside Educational Psychologists.

Our service is offered to the family of any child with additional support needs which may affect their development, learning or behaviour. We work to support children within the home and Early Learning and Childcare Settings. We work in collaboration with families and other agencies to identify goals and demonstrate play and learning strategies to ensure a holistic approach to continued learning.

Read more about us in our service leaflet.

Service Newsletter 2018

Our vision

The Highland Council Psychological Service is solution focused and works for positive change. We strive to form attuned relationships with others through collaborative and inclusive working. We are child centred and seek to be evidenced based, reflective practitioners with a commitment to ongoing innovative practice.

Request for involvement

A request for involvement for a Pre-School Home Visiting Teacher can be made to Psychological Services through the Child's Plan process.

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