Energy advice

Training and events

We provide a wide range of training events and activities for school pupils and our staff. Contact us for details.

Energy awareness training

This training is an integral part of the Green Ambassadors programme so that volunteers in each of the our services can be provided with the knowledge to raise awareness of energy efficiency and promote measures to reduce energy use.

Retirement advice

Energy efficiency advice to staff who are approaching retirement. Energy use can be significantly higher in a home that is occupied more frequently and presentations give advice on measures that can be made in retirement to help reduce energy use.

Education workshops

Interactive workshops at primary and secondary schools to raise awareness of important global issues. The workshops cover topics such as climate change, energy efficiency and renewables.

Low carbon and sustainable design advice

We can provide technical advice and training on low carbon building designs, energy efficient sustainable designs, operations and the management of buildings.

The arrangement of appropriate training is a key strategy to ensuring that we reach our goals for energy and carbon reductions.