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Park Primary update following virtual meeting with parents

3 Jul 2020

The Highland Council’s Chief Executive Donna Manson has written to parents and carers of children at Park Primary school in Invergordon to thank them for their continued understanding and patience as

Digital Learning success for Highland Council schools and staff

3 Jul 2020

The Highland Council was one of the first local authorities in Scotland recognised to develop a Schools Digital Learning Hub.

Iomain Bhiortail - Shinty goes Virtual

2 Jul 2020

Tha Sgioba na Gàidhlig aig Comhairle na Gàidhealtachd fìor thoilichte sreath de bhidiothan, a tha a’ toirt seachad dùbhlan iomain tron ghlasadh-sluaigh, a bhrosnachadh.