Flood alleviation schemes

Caol and Lochyside flood protection

Progress and update

The design for the construction of the flood scheme is now complete and tender documents and drawings have been sent to a shortlist of contractors for pricing. Construction is scheduled to start in early 2021 and continue for 2 years. There are still important details of the flood scheme which require community input.


A landscaping plan has been designed for the scheme which includes planting, seating, paths, play area etc.  These plans are available to view using the link below.

Flood wall

The final look of the flood wall at Lochyside is still to be finalised.  A patterned form liner will be used to provide interest to the surface of the wall and there is also an opportunity to add a colour pigment to the concrete.  The options are available to view using the link below.


Preference on pattern and colour of the flood wall should be returned by the end of November 2020 via Caol Community Council, by post to Project Design Unit, Drummuie, Golspie, Sutherland, KW10 6TA or by email to caol&lochyside.fps@highland.gov.uk

Please state:

  1. Pattern preference (Brabant or Barcelona)
  2. Colour choice (Desert Tan/Straw/Taupe/Terracotta/Onyx or White)

Formal Flood Protection Scheme Notice

The formal flood protection scheme notice was published at the end of April 2018.

The documents relating to the Scheme:

The documents were available to view in Caol Library and at The Highland Council headquarters at Glenurquhart Road, Inverness during the notice period.

You can email any queries or clarifications you have regarding the scheme to caol&lochyside.fps@highland.gov.uk or phone 01408 635313.

Public exhibition 16 May 2018 Caol Community Centre

Council officials and the council’s flood protection consultant held an information event on the 16th of May in Caol Community Centre.  They explained the latest design for the scheme and provided information on the Flood Protection Scheme procedure.  An updated fly through animation of the scheme was shown as well as the scheme drawings and illustrative display boards.

Fly through animation


Caol and Lochyside lie to the north of the River Lochy confluence with Loch Linnhe. These areas have historically been subject to flooding from both tidal and fluvial sources, with the last significant flood event occurring in 2005 from a storm surge in Loch Linnhe combined with relatively high flows in the River Lochy.

In response to this historic flooding, The Highland Council commissioned a number of studies to investigate flood risk in this area and to develop an outline Flood Prevention Scheme. 

A draft flood protection scheme was designed and presented to the community for comment in 2015, the presentation included a fly through animation. A further version was presented for comment in 2016 which again included a fly through animation and also mock ups on the shore and along the river bank to illustrate the height of the flood works. 

Following the consultation in 2016 and feedback received from the community, the design of the flood scheme was amended to remove the flood wall on the embankment at the shore. The current embankment has been designed so that it can accommodate a flood wall in the future if it proves necessary.

Public exhibition March 2016 at Kilmallie Free Church

Caol Flood Protection Scheme – Fly through animation

Public exhibition May 2015 at Kilmallie Free Church

Caol Flood Protection Scheme – Fly through animation


JBA Consulting's report on Caol and Lochyside Flood Protection Scheme Appraisal (Final version 1.1 October 2014) in 4 parts

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