Bins for your home

  • Damaged bins - if your bin is damaged or missing we wil replace it free of charge
  • New houses - if you are in a new house, you can get your refuse and recycling bins from us for £52.78 including delivery. If you supply your own bin, it must be no greater than 240 litres
  • Extra bins - we can give you 1 additional  green  bin and 1 additional  blue bin if your household has 6 or more people in it, or where you need additional bins because of a medical condition
  • New developments / communal bins - communal bins for refuse and recycling must be provided by developers as specified and agreed within the planning application. Communal bins requested by developers for new properties are chargeable - if you need bins that are larger than 240 litres please contact us 01349 886603

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For further information, please contact us or read our household waste and recycling policy.

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