Sustainable schools

School wind turbines

We have a range of micro wind turbines in various locations including school sites.

Each site has been assessed individually with the technology that is in place and a range of site specific measures including fencing, servicing and training were put in place before re-starting the turbines.

The clear conclusion of the risk assessment is that the turbines will operate safely at wind speeds up to 134mph but after applying a further safety margin, we are now making sure that no turbine is operational in wind speeds exceeding 100mph. Turbines will be isolated and made safe before such extreme conditions prevail through weather alerts and wind monitoring.

Using wind turbines forms an important part of our plans to meet challenging national targets for carbon reduction. This shows our continued commitment  to reducing carbon emissions and energy costs through the use of renewable energy technologies. We plan to continue with our turbine programme following the proper assessment of risks, selection of appropriate locations and using protective measures.

Risk assessments for each school