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Support for when a young person leaves care

If you are under 26, leaving care, and making your own decisions about how you want to live, we are here to help you with:

  • Planning your future
  • Getting the ‘life skills’ you need to live independently e.g. cooking, budgeting
  • Getting somewhere to live – and keeping it
  • Helping you pay for the things you need
  • Looking after your health
  • Learning and work

We'll provide you with your own ‘Lead Professional’ from Barnardo’s Springboard.  Together you will create your "Young Person’s Plan". This is your plan for moving onto independence.  

Your Lead Professional will give you help if you need it. They will make sure you get the things you need to enter the next stage of your life. If things change, they will help you. There are some benefits for Care Leavers that you can only apply for through your adviser.

We'll make sure that you get somewhere to stay.  There are different options to consider, some give you a stepping stone towards a home of your own. Once you are ready to manage this, you will be offered a Highland Housing Register tenancy. This will be your permanent home. We'll support you through this process.

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