Bus pass and travel discounts

How to renew or replace your card

Replacing your card

If you receive your card on the grounds of a disability, then you should take proof of your continuing entitlement to a service point no more than 4 weeks before your current cards expires and it will be renewed.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation our Service Points are closed to the public. If you receive your card on the grounds of disability, we would ask that you post your proof of disability to the address at the bottom of the page or alternatively to email your proof of disability to customer.service@highland.gov.uk. We would also ask that any proof of disability that is supplied should be dated within the last 12 months as this is a requirement set by Transport Scotland.

We would advise cardholders to renew their card around 2-4 weeks prior to your existing card expiring.

If your card doesn't work on the bus

Please contact us if the electronic ticket machine did not recognise your card. It may have expired or be damaged.

If your card does not work on the bus, please contact us on the number below or by email at customer.service@highland.gov.uk.

If the card is valid but does not work on the machine, the driver will give you the option to pay the full fare and keep your card or give you a 7 day temporary pass. The temporary pass will be valid for free travel for you but the companion element will not be available. You should contact us immediately by phone or email so that we can request a replacement card for you.

Read more at Transport Scotland.

If your card is lost/damaged or has been stolen

Contact us on the number below or by email at customer.service@highland.gov.uk so a replacement can be requested for you.

Phone number - 01349 886604.

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