Major Developments

Satisfaction and discharge of conditions

This service is for major applications only.  If your application is not a major development, you can use the eDevleopment portal to submit a Post Submission of Additional Documents (PSAD) using your original application reference number. 

This service makes sure we respond to information submitted to satisfy conditions within 6 weeks from receipt  and validation of your submission.  This recognises the critical importance of timing in a proposal.  If you don't use this service, our statutory response timescale for satisfaction of conditions is 3 months.

You can also use this service after the development is completed if you need a letter stating that the development has been delivered in accordance with the provisions of the conditions attached to your planning permission.

Categories of conditions

  1. Pre-commencement
  2. Construction
  3. Pre-occupation
  4. Operational

While each condition varies, usually pre-commencement and pre-occupation conditions need information to be submitted to the Planning Authority for approval before the development can move to the next stage. This process is known as satisfaction of conditions.

Discharge of conditions can only happen once the development has been completed in line with approved details. Generally, operational conditions cannot be discharged.

How to apply

Complete our Apply for Satisfaction/Discharge of Conditions form and post a printed copy to our eProcessing Centre. Wait for your new reference number from us so that all documentation can then be uploaded through the eDevelopment.Scot portal using the blue ePlanning button. 

There is a fee for this service, please check our Other Planning and Environment Fees and Charges document for more details on how much you need to pay.  To assist with calculating how much you need to pay please use the Planning Fee Calculator and our Planning application charges.

You can pay using our  Planning and building standards payment formYour application will not be valid until payment has been received.  Please make sure you make payment before submitting this form.

For more information on other ways to pay, please visit our Planning Payment options page.

More information on the process can be found on our Major Pre-application Advice Webpage.

Once you have applied

There is a legal requirement to send us a Notification of Initiation of Development before you start development on site. You should only submit this once all pre-commencement conditions have been satisfied. Development can only start once we have advised you that all conditions are satisfied.