Historic Environment Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

The Historic Environment Team assesses the impact of a development on cultural heritage or archaeology and, where applicable, recommend appropriate conditions be applied. This assessment is covered by the initial planning fee which also supports free access for developers and their consultants to all historic environment data including sites, reports and supplementary information via the online Highland Historic Environment Record.

Other charges set out on these pages may be incurred in specific circumstances. 

In most cases and unless the Historic Environment Team are informed otherwise, the developer’s archaeological contractor or consultant will be invoiced for any additional charges or fees that apply.

Fee charging from 1 April 2024

Historic Environment Record Enquiries and Data Extract

Archaeology - Planning

  • Provision of specifications for archaeological works (not routinely provided)
  • Validation of Written Scheme of Investigation
  • Public Benefit where archaeology and the historic environment are factors in a development

Additional Services

  • Peatland Restoration Prior-Notification Advice
  • Pre-application advice
  • Additional Site Visits
  • Additional charge for validating reports
  • Early confirmation that site works can proceed prior to submission of final formal report - fast track service

Non-Planning Services

  • Forestry Advice
  • Utilities Advice