Listed buildings

Guidance and advice

Listed buildings are buildings of special architectural or historical importance. Listed buildings are designated by Historic Environment Scotland.

All Listed Buildings, regardless of Category, are protected externally and internally, and will include anything physically attached to the building. The Listing may also include other features, such as boundary walls, gates and gate piers, outbuildings and any associated structures. If you are unsure what is covered by the Listing, check with the Planning Authority. Note that the List Description is simply for information, and does not define what is included within the listing, or the extent of what may be considered of special architectural or historical importance.

Any proposed alteration to a Listed Building that is considered to affect the building’s character requires an application to be made for Listed Building Consent. The Planning Authority manages the Listed Building Consent process. For A and B Listed Buildings and demolition of a Listed Building of any category we will consult Historic Environment Scotland.

For more information, or to find out if you live in a listed building, visit the Highland Council’s Historic Environment Record or Historic Environment Scotland (external link).

We offer pre-application advice for listed buildings and for those proposed changes that will require planning permission. Please check our main fees page on how much you need to pay for this value-added service. Details of the various methods of payment we accept can be found on our Planning and Building Standards Payment Options webpage.

Altering or Replacing Windows

Legislation for Permitted Development rights for altering or replacing windows in a Listed Building or Conservation Area has changed from 24 May 2024.

Prior Approval may be required in certain circumstances.

See our Windows in Conservation Areas page for information.




Provision of archaeological and listed  buildings advice to statutory undertakers

£126 per hour or part thereof for ‘no concerns’ or £191 per hour or part thereof for anticipated further involvement plus VAT @ 20%

Provision of archaeological advice, listed buildings advice and information to commercial companies.

£126 per hour or part thereof and £103 per hour or part thereof for subsequent time involved plus VAT @ 20%

Charge for site visit to advise re unauthorised work to a Listed Building which is the subject of conveyancing

£275 (plus VAT @ 20%)